En français:
Spencer, Steph et Steve ont eu un jour très agréable visiter Canterbury et abords pour observer le Tour de France. Spencer était très intéressé par toutes les personnes et bruit, il a également obtenu un bon nombre d’attention de passer des spectateurs.

In English
Spencer, Steph & Steve had a very enjoyable day visiting Canterbury and surrounding area to watch the Tour de France.
Spencer was very interested in all the people and noise, he also got lots of attention from passing spectators.

Le Race Arrive

Le Tour - part 1

Le Tour Picnic

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Spencer, had an enormously fun morning at Salcey Forest in Northamptonshire

Salcey Walk

And a nice sit down at the cafe

Salcey Cafe

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Worming Tablets Due Today

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I am now 16 weeks old !!

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Spencer’s sister has had many names from “Puppy” to “Lettice” (short for Luticia) but finally, aged 14 weeks, she is going to be called Olive – a lovely name let’s hope she likes it too!

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Over the last couple of weeks Spencer has been trying to climb on our bed but he hasn’t quite been able to reach. Last night he decided to try something new – he ran from the side of the bed to the bathroom and back as fast as he possibly could ending in a giant leap for the bed. Much to my surprise he ended up right in the middle – with a very smug grin! We are now wondering if we can enter him into the high jump at the 2012 Olympics.

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Spencer, has decided that his owners swing seat in the garden is not just for humans !!!!


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14 weeks old now so i suppose my injections are due

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Spencer’s diary (link in the right sidebar & in the title bar above) is my diary made publicly available on this blog
You could even download an ICS file to import into your own diary application i.e. Ical or outlook the link is below :

Spencer’s Diary ICAL download

p.s. The diary lists my birthday and other momentous events in my life ….. Don’t forget to send me some birthday cake next birthday ….. you have no excuse now 😉

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Spencer & his sister playing (although it looks like sis is getting the upper hand….. and Granny Doris looks distinctly unimpressed with all the tomfoolery.

Spencer & Sis’ Playing

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