Weimaraner Wisdom

On this page I will collate some of the tidbits of information I have picked up in the very short time we have been interested in / have owned our ‘grey ghost’

  1. GDV
  2. I imagine that this is going to be one of the worst scenarios you can come across if you have a dog so I would advise, to be aware of this condition a good page to start with is :


    This condition is where basically the stomach twists around the longitudinal axis of the digestive tract, also known as volvulus, The results of this distortion of normal anatomy and gas distension include hypotension (low blood pressure), decreased return of blood to the heart, ischemia (loss of blood supply) of the stomach, and shock. Pressure on the portal vein decreases blood flow to liver and decreases the ability of that organ to remove toxins and absorbed bacteria from the blood. At the other end of the stomach, the spleen may be damaged if the twisting interrupts its blood supply. If not quickly treated, bloat can lead to blood poisoning, peritonitis and death by toxic shock
    Hopefully you will never see this condition, but I believe VERY PROMPT ACTION will be required.

  3. Be Pack Leader
  4. The Weimaraner, probably among other large and not so large dogs can be quite wilfull and persistant, It is important from an early age that the dog is told / taught that you are in charge some typical examples of where hierarchy issues can be taught follow :

    * In games of strength (eg. Tug-o-war) ensure you win more than you lose. This sends a signal that you are the stronger member of the pack.
    * When you play possession and chase games, use a set of toys that you can remove from your dog at the end of the game. Your dog can associate possession of priviledged items with higher ranking. Taking the toys from your dog at the end of the game sends a clear signal that they do not own the items.
    * During play sessions, teach your dog to release toys at your request. Thus reinforcing the earlier point that you are the owner of the toy and can request it back at anytime.
    * Stop playing and remove the toy immediately if your dog touches your hand with its teeth or begins to growl aggressively or get over excited.
    * Dominant dogs always have the best sleeping places, usually higher up than the rest of the pack. Reinforce your status and don’t let your dog sleep on your bed or furniture.
    * Doorways represent entering new territory. Don’t allow your dog to walk through doors ahead of you.
    * Make areas of your house no go areas. Allowing your dog into these areas should be a privilege for good behaviour and not a right.
    * Your dog should know that you own all territory. If your dog is lying in the way, ask them nicely to move, don’t walk around them.
    * Higher ranking pack members eat first, so ensure your dog eats after you and DO NOT feed them tip bits while you are eating. Not only does discourage your dog from scrounging, it also reinforces the fact they only eat after you.
    * Don’t always respond to your dogs requests for attention. The pack leader will initiate most grooming and petting interactions. On occassions, be aloof to requests for attention by your dog, don’t tell them off, just ignore and don’t speak to them.
    * Never allow your dog to take up superior positions, such as putting his paws on your shoulders. Walk off and ignore this behaviour if it occurs.
    * Always be consistent over time in your approach to any of the above. Dogs will notice and may exploit changes that it considers weaknesses.
    * Always be consistent in all locations, be they in the house or outside, at home or away from home.
    * Finally, and most importantly, every member of your family most stick to the agreed measures to ensure your dog understands that everyone in the family is more important than he is.

  5. Read All about The Weimaraner
  6. The breeder of our dog suggested we should find the book :
    All About the Weimaraner (Pelham Dogs) by Patsy Hollings (Hardcover – Jan 30, 1992)
    This book is out – of – print but with a bit of searching you should find it on the web. This book has taught me absolutely loads of stuff, that i couldn’t even dream of
    I thoroughly recomend it.
    n.b. we bought our copy from http://www.weimaraner-gifts.co.uk/index.html, but this now appears to be out of stock, i would suggest to keep an eye out to see if more become available. This site also has lots of other Weimaraner related goodies.

  7. Training Tip #1.
  8. We have found that an old (thoroughly rinsed out) squirty spray bottle filled with water, has had a wonderful effect on reinforcing commands, a NO ! and a spray of water aimed at Spencer stops the naughty act in it’s tracks.
    There has been the odd thing that he knows he is not allowed to do, but just occasionally he gets in the mood for destruction, but a quick squirt does the trick.

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